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Kind Words

I booked to see Debbie as I had some major decisions to make around where I am currently and where I want to be in life. I was seeking clarity on what barriers I needed to remove in order to push forward on the path that was right for me. I want to understand my current thought process and why I felt the way that I did about my future and how I could interpret that more positively. The technique used was activating a side of my brain that I don’t use very often and so I was sceptical it would help or that I would even be able to enter into that space. Debbie allowed me the time and space with appropriate questioning and trying to push me for detail, so that we could build a picture of where I was and where I knew I wanted to be. This safe space created an environment where I could just talk and be listened too without judgement. That allowed for yet more exploration of my current position and understanding of the barriers (some self imposed) that I needed to work on removing or changing. It was a mindset alteration and a different perspective that made me understand why I felt the way I did and sometimes still do about certain things in my life; some I can change, some I cannot. Overall, I found the session extremely enlightening and powerful as a tool to reflect on. The atmosphere was safe and confidential which allowed me to share as much as I felt comfortable doing. This has helped me enormously to shift my perceptions and frame of reference into something more positive. I am very grateful to Debbie for her listening ear and calm space creation that were so key in allowing the dialogue to flow. George

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