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Studying at Home


How do I book my first session

 When you are ready to Change Your Life all  you need to do is contact call the number below or click 

How may sessions
will I need

 Some people need a couple of sessions others  need a few more. How many sessions needed  is a very individual thing which we discuss after  your first session. 

How can I prepare for my initial consultation

 All you need is the determination to change

 your life, turn up to the session on time and put  yourself first for a change.

Can I refer friends
and family

 Most definitely.  Referrals that result in booked  and attended sessions will earn you £5 off your  next session fee or you can gift it to a friend.

Do you provide follow on support

 Yes, I will check in with you if I haven't heard

 from you after the first week and you can text

  or arrange a call back if you need to.

What if I need to cancel

  You can cancel or reschedule anytime free of       charge up to 48 before the session. After that     you will need to pay the full amount.

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