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Area's of Expertise


IEMT, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Developed by Andrew T Austin, it support rapid therapeutic change and helps you explore your areas of undesired emotions and your ways of being.   and heal some of those past memories that cause some of your current issues.

Have you ever wondered how you learned to feel the way that you do? most of how we do this was learned very young and often is unavailable to us until we work with a modality like IEMT. This process can help change emotional states fast and the change is as far as I can tell to date, permanent. I am registered with the IEMT Association as both an advanced practitioner and an IEMT Trainer click       to go to the IEMT website.

Metaphors of movement

Metaphors of Movement, MoM, Developed by Andrew T Austin. This modality allows for the investigation of the client’s whole problem from a completely different perspective. It allows you to understand where you are, look at what is right for you, consider what you might have overlooked, where you have come from, your options and choices and how to move forward using the more imagistic right side of the brain to communicate to the practical left side. It is a fascinating to investigating issues. This modality helps you see what you didn't know you knew and can be a great help in your daily life including help with business issues and interpreting your dreams. MoM is used to get the information form the left hemisphere of your brain to the right hemisphere so you have more clarity for your decision making..

NLP Master Practitioner

NLP, is a powerful model for therapeutic and rapid change. Language is more than the spoken words. It is a complete communication system and includes aspects we are mostly unaware of. Neuro Linguistics utilises all of the communication methods including language, tonality, eye accessing cues, presuppositions to name a few. Another fascinating and effective change work method and one that underpins all of my work and all the modalities shared on this page.

Social Panorama and Mental Space Psychology were developed by Lucas Derks.  The idea behind both modalities is that people live in an unconsciously functioning three-dimensional landscape in which they have given themselves and others a place.  In other words, we store our experiences in the mental landscape around us. Using the social panorama model can aid psychotherapy and coaching to analyse and improve relationships.

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