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121 Coaching

Prior to your 121 session we will have had a 15-20 minute chat and you will have completed a form and returned that to me in preparation for your session.

Each session is designed around the information you provide and the methods used to help you may well include integral eye movement therapy, IEMT. 

To begin with, I will ask you to describe the problem you want help with, although what we often think is the issue often isn't what we end up working on. It can be fascinating what our systems share on the day that was hiding in plain sight all the time and you will likely get many aha or light bulb moments.

We will discover very quickly if IEMT works for you and if it does, as it does for most people, then you can get some very quick relief from immediate suffering. for further information on IEMT click 

The duration of each session is typically between one to one and a half hours and change can continue to occur even after the session has ended. In fact, the transformation can continue to manifest over the next few weeks. Click             to read some of the kind words clients have shared.

Click           to arrange a chat

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